Liscence to Shoot!

A Brief History:The “Photography” Gene?

My passion for photography and other forms of art came as no suprize having been brought up in a home infused with art and culture. My mother,Marjorie Morris,was an artist and photographer,having learned to develop her own photographs in a dark room. Her photography and original paintings were displayed throughout our home. As a musician she played oboe for the Haddonfield Symphony.She also played crumb horn with a group of musicians that played Renaissance music. She credits running with saving her life, having trained,run,and finished 40+ marathons(26.2 miles!). She has won hundreds of awards for the multitude of 5 and 10k’s she has competed in. Mom continues to work as music librarian for Rowan University where she has been for 40+years. My dad, Philip Travaline,played,taught,conducted,arranged,and composed music for as long as I can remember.He played his main instrument,trumpet,for the Haddonfield Symphony. He taught and conducted for the Glassboro public school system where he personally taught me to play the violin. He went on to become a professor of music for a number of years at Camden County College. Like Mom,Dad was also a photographer. He started and ran his own business,Custom Aerial "gft photography"Photography,while working full time as a music teacher. His business entailed shooting professional photo’s from a doorless single-engined Cessna,that he piloted himself. In addition to handling all the business aspects, he matted,framed, and delivered the finished product to his customers. In addition to being a pilot of single and double-engined planes, he was a certified flight instructor and taught pilots to become certified flight instructors. After conquering the skies,Dad developed an affinity for the sea and spent many years sailing. I have touched upon some of my parent’s accomplishments here,but to give a complete account I would need to write a book. I am grateful to both my loving parents for exposing me to such variety and instilling in me the value and importance of creativity.


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